Should You Buy Vitamins Or Supplements For Your Pet?

Just like humans, pets don’t receive all the vitamins and supplements they need from their food. They require an additional resource, which is where the need for cat/dog supplements or general pet supplements comes into play. However, is it a good idea to offer supplements or vitamins to your pet, is this healthy or can it affect their wellbeing? Let’s find out!

What Are Pet Vitamins And Supplements?

Generally, you will find a lot of supplements or vitamins for pets at the local pet store. These are a combination of minerals, vitamins and sometimes herbs suitable for dogs, cats and other pets. They come in a concentrated dose, however it’s not more than the daily requirements for your pet. Instead, these are just active ingredients that help protect your pet’s skin, immune system, joints and their general wellbeing.

There is however a difference between supplements and vitamins. For example, supplements help add a lot of nutritional value to your pet’s diet. They are also filled with active ingredients. On the other hand, vitamins are just a single type of supplement. They can help target specific health issues or deficiencies. Supplements on the other hand are more geared toward general wellbeing, so there are certainly great things to consider here.

Is It Necessary To Add Vitamins Or Supplements To Your Pet’s Diet?

It’s not mandatory, in many cases a balanced diet will be more than enough for most pets. Supplements and vitamins are an addition, and they work well if you can’t provide a great food variety. However, they can’t replace healthy food, proper exercising and clean water. Their role is to help supplement any dietary gaps, while still allowing your pet to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. 

Some people think that vitamins or supplements are a cure for any of your pet’s dietary problems. That’s not true, instead they just offer you the means to help round up and improve your pet’s diet, while still adding a great sense of consistency. They are not a miracle cure, but you can use them as the means to prevent a lackluster diet. 

Also, there are many veterinarians that will recommend supplements or vitamins. That’s possible especially when your pet has an iron or magnesium deficiency, or if they can’t naturally ingest certain vitamins. In those situations and many similar ones, vitamins/supplements are a no-brainer, and something you need to take into consideration. 

It’s also a good idea to opt for supplements if your pet has allergies often, if your pet is a picky eater or there’s a known vitamin deficiency he/she is dealing with. Supplements can also be great if your pet is on a homemade diet or if they are older.


We believe that pet supplements and pet vitamins can be a great option if you’re looking to improve your beloved animal’s wellbeing. They can help provide all those nutrients and minerals that your pet’s diet lacks, while still improving their health naturally. Plus, in cases like having a homemade diet, allergies or known deficiencies, offering supplements to your pet becomes a must-do!

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